Wild About That Wednesday with The Dreamy Meadow

Here's what I'm wild about this week:

1. Felt Flowers as gift wrap...such a cute idea.
2. Crocheted Rainbow Rug made from your children's old clothes. Kenzie would love this.
3. Making New Memories lace dress - perfect for spring.
4. The comfiest looking outdoor swing I ever did see.
5. Roses in the Garden floral flats. Adorable.
6. Apple Pie Layer Cake. Need I say more?
7. Handmade Tissue Paper & Tulle Flowers, I'm definitely making these. 
8. Riesling Strawberry Wine Slush. I rest my case.
9. Loving these beaded jars - a beautiful way to play off the color of a simple flower centerpiece.
10. Homemade Sour Cherry Jam. I'm determined to try to make some...someday.