The Dreamy Meadow's Wild About That Wednesday

Things I'm wild about this week:

1.  Is this the cutest spring yarn wreath you've ever seen or what?
2. This side braid/pony tail would be great for every day wear or a special event. I love it!
3. Adorable pink rose iPhone case...WANT!
4. Amazingly amazing whole grain raspberry pancakes. Yes, please.
5. Fancy flip flops - so I can look cute and still be comfortable. That's my kinda style.
6. Oh yeah, baby.  Roasted Lemon Garlic Herb Shrimp = heaven.
7. This family tree necklace should be around my neck ;)
8. A pretty purple and gray crocheted garland...someday I will have enough skill to make this.
9. I wish I would've stumbled upon these black glittery nails before New Years Eve. Perfect!



  1. Thanks for linking up! :) You're awesome!

  2. Sorry to have missed this when you originally published! Thank you for including my family tree necklace - and since I totally agree that it should be around your neck as well, I invite you and your readers to use coupon: bloglove to save 20% on any purchase at http://spiceoflifedesignsonline.com! Again, Thank you!