Welcome to my Little Corner of the World

Wow, blank slate. That's not overwhelming at all...

Why would I want to start a blog, you ask? What makes me think I need to reserve my own little corner of the world?

Well, a few things:

  • INSPIRATION. I have dozens hundreds of file folders on my computer FULL of inspiration pictures and tutorials. I really need a place to organize all of it and get some opinions from all of you. Making decisions isn't my strong point.

  • Would I sound crazy if I admitted that 85% of my day is spent daydreaming about home decor, crafting, and creating? Call me crazy, then, because I am obsessed. I gain most of my inspiration for all things crafty and creative from the good 'ol world wide web. Every spare moment of my day is an opportunity to search the 'net for new cute stuff to attempt create.  

  • I've spent many years wishing that I was crafty. One of those wives that can bake like no other, who's house smells of cupcakes and cinnamon. One of those moms who could see something and just make it. Like a hairbow. Or a cute framed picture. Or an entire house full of amazing, unique decor...the kind of decor that when people walk into a room, they stop and say, "wow..". No pressure. No big deal. ;)

  • I recently came to my senses and realized that there's nothing stopping me from becoming one of those moms - except of course, me. So I decided to get out of my own way and go for it.

  • Over the past few years I've started taking on a few small projects and challenges here and there, and by doing so I've found a passion deep within and become way more domesticated than I ever dreamed I would (or could) be. I'm still workin' on it, and I still have parenting/project/decorating/baking failures often just as anyone does.

  • I need a creative outlet, yo. I had major surgery on my foot last week (seriously, they removed a bone from my foot [WHO DOES THAT?] and re-routed all the tendons/ligaments to another part of my foot.) Sitting on my butt staring at the ceiling and feeling these walls close in on me is becoming...well, old. There's only so many episodes of Dr. Phil a girl can take (and I luuurve me some Dr. Phil) before she just hops right on the crazy train (I wonder if that train would actually lead me to Dr. Phil? Hmm...).

  • Why not share my life, family, love, trials, triumphs, and inspiration with others?
 I'll leave you with a picture that is the inspiration for one of my future dining room walls (which are yet to exist):

I'm loving the quote above the frames, but I'm not sure yet if I'll use that one or something a little more original to our family. What do you think? Any suggestions for quotes, wall colors, improvements?

P.S. Stay tuned about the NEW dining room - there's more of that to come soon.

P.S.S. Thanks for reading :]

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