Hi Lovelies! I'm Bri. Nice to meet you. :)

I'm a wife, mama, licensed aesthetician, aspiring aromatherapist, full-time workin' woman by day, craftiest crafty crafter by night.

I love all things crafty and domestic - baking, cooking, creating, and finding inspiration for the many home projects I plan to (eventually) carry out for our teensy 3-bedroom ranch house. Life is good.

My family and I live in on what I like to call our Mini Farm, where we have everything from dogs to rabbits and mini pigs to pygmy goats (all of which happen to be female...my poor hubs, I dunno how he does it). The amount of estrogen in this house is out of control. I suspect that my husband is really Super Man - how else would he be able to put up with all of us girls?

I have a smorgasbord of interests and hobbies, and it seems I'm ALWAYS acquiring a new love affair interest that will either:

A) Turn me into a millionaire
B) may not ever go anywhere

Here's the short list...let's just make believe I'm really good at all of this (ha ha ha):
  • Sharing my many passions through Blogging
  • Crafting 
  • Creating anything and everything, especially handmade bath & body products, artisan soap, and more
  • Re-creating inexpensive versions of expensive stuff. I'm cheap thrifty like that.
  • Baking, especially with my sweet girl
  • Making some dang delicious food
  • Taking Photos
  • Vintage/Country and Farmhouse Chic Home Decor
  • Renovating our very old, teensy three-bedroom ranch house 
  • Attempting to garden (there's a key word in this statement)
I also love:
  • My amazingly beautiful and hilarious kiddo
  • My cute husband
  • Babies. Give me all the babies.
  • Animals. Animals. Animals.
  • Traveling
  • Sunny Spring days
  • Hot Summer Days by the pool
  • The scent of an Autumn breeze
  • An unexpected snowfall 
  • Trashy reality television (Teen Mom...The Bachelor...)
  • A great thunderstorm 
  • Finding any excuse to use a glue gun (I once hot-glued a shelf to the wall - this obsession could has become a problem) 
In a nutshell:

This blog is my way of sharing my life with you. It's about celebrating LIFE, appreciating FAMILY, and giving and receiving LOVE each and every day. Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to my crazy little corner of the world. :)


  1. Hi Brianna - just read your story - about your first attempt at homemade febreeze. Love your sense of humor - and your joy of life. keep up the great work -

  2. Hello Marj, I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. I hope you'll come back and visit again! :)

  3. Hi Brianna, Just discovered your blog via the homemade febreeze. Love it. I am from NC as well. I live in the Triad area of Kernersville. Where are you?

    1. Hi Karen, I'm about 15 minutes outside Charlotte, in the Concord area. Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you enjoyed the blog and hope you'll come back soon!

  4. Hi Brianna just read your recipe for home made febreeze on facebook. I am going to try it later today. I am from Fredericton New Brunswick Canada.