Mission: Organization - Week 2

Hello my lovelies -it's almost November! Can you believe it? I've been workin' hard on some menu plans for y'all, and I've managed to compile three menus, each with a month's worth of recipes. It took awhile but my weekly shopping has already become so much easier having the menu plans out of the way. I used to sit, research, and contemplate what to eat for the week for hours before shopping, and each week was a struggle. I would get frustrated, give up and just buy the same 'ol things - so we ended up eating the same meals week after week. I plan on whipping up a few more menus, and I'll continue to post recipes as well.

You can find last week's printable menu here.

Now, onto......

Now that you've created a menu, the hardest part is out of the way and you can write out your grocery list. Wonder why I'm dedicating an entire week towards writing out a simple little grocery list? It's not always so easy - I often forget what I do or don't have in my pantry already, or heaven forbid I go to the store without a list and completely blow my budget buying a bunch of junk we don't need and won't eat.

Mission: Create a Weekly Grocery List
Action Steps
  • Compile all of the recipes needed for this week's menu. 
  • Double check your pantry for any items you may already have.
  • Create your weekly grocery list. I have certain order I always shop in - so I always write my list in order by section so I don't miss anything and have to walk all the way back to the other end of the store - and that's just plain ol' annoying if you ask me.
  • SHOP! Stick to your list and never shop hungry. Diverting from your list is the #1 thing that will blow your budget.
To participate in this week's mission:

1)  Complete the mission (and blog about your experience, if you'd like - I'd love to hear how it works for you). I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!
2) Grab a Button (below) post into your blog post by copying the code below it, or simply inlude a link back to my blog in your post..
3) Link up your mission so others an see your progress and participate, too!

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***New to Mission: Organization? You can find all of the weekly missions here. Start anywhere and share your progress - the linky parties will remain open!***


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