Things That Make Me Smile

Since we're still getting to know each other, here's a really long post few things that really make me all warm and fuzzy inside. These are just a few inspiration photos from my "to-do" craft list.

Old windows that have been re-purposed. I already have a set of two old barn windows waiting for me in the shed in the back yard, so look forward to a post on how I'll use them in the future!

Cute throw pillows, especially against white couches, which my hubby won't let me have, boo hoo. :(


Unique light fixtures - particularly in children's rooms/nurseries:

Chillen's in knits. I recently bought a crochet needle and a how-to crochet book/DVD combo so I could learn. So far I've mastered the single crochet (the double crochet is a different story, heh heh heh). Not much melts my heart more than seeing a kiddo in a cute knit hat... I just can't get enough of these little cuties!

What about you? What decor/products make your little heart go pitter pat?


  1. This is awesome! :)
    I am now following you via GFC! It would be awesome to see you follow my blog as well! && maybe even do Saturday Stack Up with me! :)

  2. Thanks new friend! I will definitely follow you and look into the Saturday Stack-Up. I'm excited to be a part of the blogging world, I sure didn't know what I was missing all this time!