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Our daughter is growing up before our very eyes. It feels like just yesterday I was getting excited about the milestones of my sweet baby walking and talking, and all of a sudden she's gabbing about boys for hours on the phone, going to her first school dance and taking frequent outings to the roller rink on Friday nights. It's so bittersweet, and lately I find myself really grasping at straws, trying to navigate a rapidly changing family dynamic with a daughter who is no longer a little girl, but a young woman.

In the blink of any eye the years fly by, the holidays come and go, and before we know it we're celebrating the coming of a new year while reminiscing about the good times and waving goodbye to the not so good ones.

This year, I have come up with an idea to help me hold on to our precious memories for a little longer - a family memory jar. It's simple, takes very little time and is a wonderful way to keep the memories you hold dear not only for the coming year, but forever.

Throughout the year, we will be writing down some of our favorite memories along the way and placing them in the jar for safe keeping until the coming New Year's Eve, when we will take a walk down memory lane by reading them all and reminiscing as we count down to the big ball drop.

Once we're done, I plan on using the slips of paper to create a keepsake of some kind - a scrapbook, a memory tree...I'm still thinking on that one, but I'd like to preserve them somehow.

Want to create your own family memory jar? Here's how:

Create your own Family Memory Jar

Supplies needed:

 Any size mason Jar
 White paper or heavy card stock (to print your graphic on)
 Paper of your choice (you could use plain white, colored, or even scrapbook paper)
 Pens, crayons, or colorful markers (for writing down your memories, of course!)


1) Print and cut out your chosen printable Family Memory Jar graphic (below) on white paper or heavy card stock.
2) Place horizontally around the jar, about halfway up, securing with tape in the back
3) Start making (and writing down) some memories!

Click here to print the above directions ---> Print Friendly and PDF

Download your chosen graphic below:

Did you create your own Family Memory Jar? I'd love to see your finished project!

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