Happy Birthday, Life. Family. Love.!

Can you believe it? Yep, my baby is now 1 year old! Geez, that went by fast. Honestly, I never imagined in a million years (or especially just one) that this blog would become not only an integral part of my life, but yours as well. This little baby of mine has blossomed into a beautiful part of my life, one that I look forward to each and every day.  Thank you SO much for coming on this amazing journey with me. Thank you for believing in me and my blog that went from one viewer (me) to over half a million (567,257 to be exact) page views in just 12 months.  Thanks for growing with me, learning with me, and supporting me along the way. Thanks for e-mailing, commenting, conversing, and coming back day after day. You guys are such rock stars! 

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