Dusty's Birthday & a Giveaway!

Yesterday was my sweet hubby's birthday. He turned 34. We celebrated with dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, Outback Steakhouse, where he managed to inhale nearly an entire Bloomin' Onion, a 9 oz. sirloin steak and two orders of french fries in 2 minutes flat. What can I say, you can get away with that kinda stuff on your birthday! Then we dragged our overstuffed selves home so we could stuff our overstuffed selves some more with some of my homemade yellow butter cake with chocolate almond buttercream, ice cream and his favorite part - presents! There's something about birthdays and holidays that really brings the kid out in my husband. He waits with (impatient) anticipation for the moment when he can rip open that first present. And the hardest part? He's a peeker! I've had to resort to hiding them all over the house and even camouflaged them with blankets in the back of my car. I was especially looking forward to watching him receive one of this year's presents. Dusty's been begging me to let him get a 4-wheeler for years. As much as I've wanted him to have one, it just hasn't been a feasible financial possibility - until now. You'll see his priceless reaction to his gift in the pictures below. :)

 I've always loved celebrating BIG, be it a birthday or holiday. His birthday means so much more to me than just any other day - it's the day the love of my life, an amazing Daddy to our girl, a patient man when it's tough for me to do the same, and the rock of our entire family came into this world -  and making him feel special, appreciated and loved is a high priority every day, but especially his birthday. Kenzie worked hard to make him the world's largest card out of a piece of scrap cardboard complete with her very own rendition of "The Happy Birthday Song", we laughed hysterically at his Larry the Cable Guy and Johnny Cash cards, overindulged on cake and ice cream and really just enjoyed each other's company. Now that's what a birthday's all about.

The End. :)

Oh, wait, I promised you a giveaway, didn't I? There's a couple of different ways you can win:
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4.) Be sure to let me know in your comment which steps you've done so I'll know how many entries you have!
4.) Check back over the next week to see if you've won! 

This means that each one of these steps counts as 1 entry - so if you do all three, (and be sure to let me know in a comment), you will have THREE chances to win! One person will be randomly selected from the comments on this post to receive a Cup 'o Joe on me! Or a cup of tea....or a glass of  lemonade....or one of those fabulous, chilled Frappuccino's with tons of whipped cream... That's right, a $5 Starbucks gift card all to yourself. Exciting, huh? The giveaway will end at midnight on 6/30/12, so be sure to check back in on Saturday to see if you've won! Happy weekend!


  1. Good luck on your blogging honey! :) I love looking at your blogs! You have some awesome stuff on here... i am slowly understanding how to do all this! :)

  2. Thanks, love. My blog keeps me sane, it's a great creative outlet. Your blog is looking good, too! I'm glad we can be blogging buddies ;)

  3. I follow via GFC. :) My fave birthday memory was this year! I turned 26 on Tuesday and my husband took me ice skating. I grew up figure skating and had not done it for yeas. It was so special!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  4. Alaine88, your hubby is super sweet to take you ice skating!!!

  5. Pick Me for your give away! Happy Birthday Dusty!