The State of my Garage

The garage renovation is officially underway. This is the part where I have a panic attack and wonder what in the world I was ever thinking. 

Day one went along swimmingly. The wood siding was removed from the right interior garage wall and saved so it could be re-purposed on the front of the house (where the current garage door is) later.  

We ran into the first (and hopefully last) of our problems on day two of the project. Our contractor discovered that the brick in our foundation was not level by more than three inches from one side of the garage to the other, and from the other side to another it was off by an inch-and-a-half. The brick on the foundation was very poorly done, so our best option was to *deep breath*...lift 3 of the garage walls off of the foundation by a few inches, knock out the existing brick foundation and re-lay the entire thing properly. 

Here's the front of the garage after being lifted. I'm told it's not as bad as it looks. Thank goodness, I was about to have a heart attack.
So, a bit of a slower start than expected on the garage, but we're moving in the right direction. If this is what I can expect out of these renovations, it's gonna be a hell of a ride.


The Post Where I Squeal with Joy

Check out this little baby that I'll be picking up later tonight:

Isn't she a beauty? My very own Canon Rebel T3...sigh. I'd jump up and down if I was physically able to, haha. I've saved for so long and drooled for much much longer. I'm finally getting the camera of my dreams! There's certainly going to be a learning curve, but I am very passionate about photography and can't wait to find my bearings. I'm going to use Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 for my editing...which will be a huge change from Picnik. ;)
For those of you who have a DSLR, what tips and tricks do you wish someone had told you before you started shooting for the first time?  Any advice on beginner shooting? I would really like to stay away from auto mode if I can, since my goal is to eventually learn all the nooks and crannies in order to capture the best shots.