Boy at Sunset

This is one of my favorite photos from our beach trip:


Myrtle Beach: Day 3

Today was our final day at the beach. We decided to return to Boardwalk on the Beach for a relaxing day of  more shopping and a trip to the aquarium. We enjoyed seeing the sharks, the arrays of tropical fish swimming in their brightly colored schools, naming "Lizzy the Lizard", picking our favorite color of Poison Dart Frogs, watching a diving show where we learned the names of each type of fish, what they eat and what countries they're from, exploring the interactive area where you could crawl underneath and  "into" fish tanks, holding a Horseshoe Crab (My Momma was the only one brave enough), and even petting the Stingrays. 

I hope you're enjoying the beginning of Spring. Remember to stop to enjoy the little things: the cool, crisp mornings and the perfectly warm days, the smell of BBQ wafting through the yard as you watch your little one(s) catch fireflies in the evening light, the scent of the fresh flowers in bloom, the softness of the cool grass between your toes, the freshly hatched baby birds chirping for their mothers, and the realization that summer is just around the corner. 


Myrtle Beach: Day Two

Our first morning at the beach Mackenzie woke up at around 5:30 am. Isn't that the way it is? You can't drag them out of bed to save your life on a school day, but vacation rolls around and they're up with the sun. This was an unexpected blessing, I found, because it was the perfect time to go out on the deck and watch the sunrise.

Once the sun came up, we noticed a special message in the sand from our 10th floor balcony.

We followed the advice, ate breakfast and got ready for our day at the beach just a few steps away from our hotel. It was 75 and sunny, with a breeze. Perfect weather to build a sandcastle, dig your toes into the sand and soak up some rays.

Later in the afternoon we dragged ourselves back up to the hotel room for a nice nap, then headed over to Boardwalk on the Beach for some shopping and dinner. Kenzie found her (5th or 6th) favorite ride ever. It's like bumper cars, but the entire thing rotates 360 degrees. She spent the entire five minute ride spinning in one consistent circle. Dizzy much?

It was a great day of relaxation, fun in the sun, great food and shopping. What more could a girl ask for?


Myrtle Beach: Day 1

This year for Kenzie's spring break, my mom and I thought a girl's trip to Myrtle Beach would be just perfect. We arrived in the afternoon and decided we would go to the cutest little family fun park. Fair-type rides always remind me of my younger days. It was one of the most exciting times each year. I always looked forward to the fair for months beforehand. I see the same anticipation in my child's eyes.

The hustle and bustle of the children as they run from ride to ride, declaring each as their "favorite". 

The squeals of joy, the tummy drops and indulging in hot, sweet, sticky funnel cake and hand-squeezed lemonade.

I warms my heart to watch my girl enjoy the same things I did myself so many years ago, and to be able to enjoy it with her is such a blessing. It brings a sense of closeness and bonding that I can't describe. Like the generation gap is quite so wide. 

Ahh, memories. The Hurricane was my favorite as a kid. It goes over peaks and valleys in a circle (a very very fast circle..), until you feel like you can't take anymore...and then, they do it all again - backwards. 

 Have I mentioned I don't handle rides that spin so well anymore?


Reno Update

Whew, things have been BU-SY around here! The garage/kitchen renovation is well underway, and boy has it been a roller coaster ride of ups and (many) downs along the way. 

As of now, there's been contractors here from 8a-7p every single day since March 6th. We're making steady headway on the garage but I have some news: we're thisclose to being finished with that area, so I can officially call it my NEW dining room, laundry room and storage closet!

The kitchen on the other hand...looks like this: 

Yikes. When I walked into the kitchen after demolition, I could not believe what it looked like underneath our hardwood floors and behind our cabinets. ESPECIALLY the burned looking area in the first picture. That, my friends, is actually 30 years of grease build-up blown out by the hood vent and behind our cabinets. Every time we used the stove the grease would heat up and burn a little more behind the cabinets.  I had no idea what was lurking behind there - and I wondered why every time I used the oven or stove the fire alarm went off. I was mortified... Needless to say, we are replacing all of the drywall. *sigh*

Oh, and check out our backyard:

Great lawn ornaments, huh? ;) (And whoa boy, does my yard need some grass seed...)

What home renovations have you been aching for? More importantly, does this post change your mind?