A Trip to Lazy Five

One of our favorite "day-cation" locations is Lazy Five Ranch, about an hour from our home. Going there brings a real sense of peace with it's exotic animal exhibits, drive-through safaris, wagon ride tours, and exotic birds roaming all around you. It's beautiful! We usually pay a few extra bucks to do the wagon ride. Shy littlePrairie Dogs quickly run from their burrows to grab food, and if you're lucky you might spot one. Brightly colored Parrots sing from high above on their throne of branches and Peacocks wander about the trails you while you walk throughout the ranch.

Lemurs frolic in their naturally enclosed play area as kids surround their domain to sing, "I like to move it, move it!" at the top of their lungs. 

Cows slowly saunter over for a handful of food, and are eager to have a sweet caress or pat on top of their head.

Llamas look right into your eyes as though they're speaking to you right from their soul saying, "I'll be your friend, you can tell me anything". These two had a very sweet disposition.

Water Buffalo lug their large, sluggish bodies over to the wagon for a bite to eat, so patiently waiting for you to drop the food in their mouths, while their friends cool themselves in a large pond, content with having only their head visible to the crowd. 

Deer frolic and play without a care in the world, while the baby deer and piglets stare with an inquisitive interest of all there is to discover in their brand new world. 

The Zebras are absolutely exquisite with their intricate stripes. They keep their distance and go about their distance as if they know what a novelty they are.

A lone Rhinoceros relaxes in the shade after cooling off in a mud bath, oblivious the audience surrounding his enclosure.

Towards the end of the safari you come upon one of the most amazing exhibits of all - the Giraffes. The elegance that exudes their statuesque bodies is absolutely breathtaking. 

There's something about Lazy Five Ranch that brings a peacefulness to your mind, makes the world seem a little less chaotic, and helps you to really stop and think about all of the little wonders of the world that make up this big, big world. Every visit is a different experience, another chance to make more family memories that will last a lifetime.

What's been your most cherished family memory so far this year?

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  1. Those are such great pics! I lived in Concord for about 4 yrs and never went to Lazy 5! I feel robbed!