Menu Plan: Week of 01.18.15

This week is the start of a few schedule changes going on in our household. Kenzie is playing for her middle school basketball team, and after a grueling few weeks of 10 practice hours/week, it's game time! Side note: as I type "10 practice hours/week", it doesn't seem like much...then I add in the 7 hour school days and she would already be in overtime if this was a job. Throw homework and things like dinner and actually having time to shower, and my chickadee is doing some seriously hard work lately! I'm extremely proud of her for working so hard and of what a well adjusted and amazing young lady she is blossoming into.

That being said, I'm super psyched to see her on the court again! This is her first year playing for a school-based team - in the past she's been a part of the local city league, which starts in November and runs through February with a weekly practice OR game. But from here on out it's three days of practices and either home or away games on the other two days, five days a week.

To accommodate our new arrangements, I switched the days we do leftovers since Tuesday and Thursday are game days and we most likely won't be sitting down for dinner until much later in the evening. I'm hoping that will keep things much more simple in the coming weeks!

This week's recipes:
Chicken & Biscuit Casserole
Guiltless Chicken Nachos
Super Simple Skillet Lasagna
King Ranch Chicken

Don't forget to snag this week's blank printable menu template below!

Have you tried one of our recipes or LOVE our new menu series? I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments!

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