Thirty Days of Thanks - Day Three

Today I am thankful for my lovely, spoiled fur-babies, Dixie and Layla. Dixie is fifteen years old; noble, calm, quiet. Layla is two years old; crazy, goofy, and boisterous.

Dixie always knows when you need her most and has a very comforting soul. She has these big doe eyes that are so kind and understanding. She sleeps on the blanket I made her next to our bed every night, and loves to give kisses and cuddle up - she thinks she's a lap dog!

Layla is goofy, playful and full of puppy energy. She sleeps snuggled up to Mackenzie every night, and her cooky ways always keep us laughing. She adores her Princess Ariel cell phone toy (which Kenzie lovingly gave her after she became attached to it) , and carries it around for hours. She even pushes the buttons with her nose!

As far apart in age as they are, and also as different, they sure do love each other, and we are so grateful for them!

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