I know I'm kinda late in the game {hubby had surgery on Thursday and we've been a tad busy} but I'm finally getting around to sharing some of our pictures from Halloween. Kenzie decided she wanted to be a "pretty witch" this year. I pondered how we would pull this off for a bit, then while shopping at Wal-Mart one afternoon I came upon a pair of purple and black striped tights and immediately had a vision for her costume.

This is the third year I've put her costume together myself, and I have to say this one is by far my favorite. Last year she was a purple unicorn, and I still have nightmares of my attempts at hand-sewing a massive mane and tail onto the back of a hand-dyed purple hoodie sweatshirt. Can you say stressful? It was so bad, Dusty bought me my first sewing machine for Christmas that year in hopes he would never have to deal with me in that kind of situation again. ;) Things went much smoother this year.

When she came back from trick-or-treating she said she must've gotten "a hundred million" compliments on it, and she was proud that when asked where she got it she could smile and say, "My mama made it!". Hearing that sure did make my heart smile. Those are the kinds of memories I'll remember most, and it makes the time and effort put into a handmade costume 100% worth it.

The witch hat was purchased at Target ($2.50), the tights from Wal-Mart ($3.99), the tulle (8 yards for $16) as well as the elastic waist band (about $2.49/yard) came from Hancock Fabrics. I purchased her black long sleeve shirt ($6.99) and the transfer paper (about $2.00/sheet - I used 1) from Ben Franklin. I'm sure I probably could have found most of this all in one spot, but I just picked it up little by little as I came across it or was out and about. Maybe I'll set up a tutu tutorial (say that five times fast!). I love the way it turned out and I'm so glad she loved it, too. :)

Hope your Halloween was Happy!

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