Myrtle Beach: Day Two

Our first morning at the beach Mackenzie woke up at around 5:30 am. Isn't that the way it is? You can't drag them out of bed to save your life on a school day, but vacation rolls around and they're up with the sun. This was an unexpected blessing, I found, because it was the perfect time to go out on the deck and watch the sunrise.

Once the sun came up, we noticed a special message in the sand from our 10th floor balcony.

We followed the advice, ate breakfast and got ready for our day at the beach just a few steps away from our hotel. It was 75 and sunny, with a breeze. Perfect weather to build a sandcastle, dig your toes into the sand and soak up some rays.

Later in the afternoon we dragged ourselves back up to the hotel room for a nice nap, then headed over to Boardwalk on the Beach for some shopping and dinner. Kenzie found her (5th or 6th) favorite ride ever. It's like bumper cars, but the entire thing rotates 360 degrees. She spent the entire five minute ride spinning in one consistent circle. Dizzy much?

It was a great day of relaxation, fun in the sun, great food and shopping. What more could a girl ask for?

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