Reno Update

Whew, things have been BU-SY around here! The garage/kitchen renovation is well underway, and boy has it been a roller coaster ride of ups and (many) downs along the way. 

As of now, there's been contractors here from 8a-7p every single day since March 6th. We're making steady headway on the garage but I have some news: we're thisclose to being finished with that area, so I can officially call it my NEW dining room, laundry room and storage closet!

The kitchen on the other hand...looks like this: 

Yikes. When I walked into the kitchen after demolition, I could not believe what it looked like underneath our hardwood floors and behind our cabinets. ESPECIALLY the burned looking area in the first picture. That, my friends, is actually 30 years of grease build-up blown out by the hood vent and behind our cabinets. Every time we used the stove the grease would heat up and burn a little more behind the cabinets.  I had no idea what was lurking behind there - and I wondered why every time I used the oven or stove the fire alarm went off. I was mortified... Needless to say, we are replacing all of the drywall. *sigh*

Oh, and check out our backyard:

Great lawn ornaments, huh? ;) (And whoa boy, does my yard need some grass seed...)

What home renovations have you been aching for? More importantly, does this post change your mind? 

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