Myrtle Beach: Day 3

Today was our final day at the beach. We decided to return to Boardwalk on the Beach for a relaxing day of  more shopping and a trip to the aquarium. We enjoyed seeing the sharks, the arrays of tropical fish swimming in their brightly colored schools, naming "Lizzy the Lizard", picking our favorite color of Poison Dart Frogs, watching a diving show where we learned the names of each type of fish, what they eat and what countries they're from, exploring the interactive area where you could crawl underneath and  "into" fish tanks, holding a Horseshoe Crab (My Momma was the only one brave enough), and even petting the Stingrays. 

I hope you're enjoying the beginning of Spring. Remember to stop to enjoy the little things: the cool, crisp mornings and the perfectly warm days, the smell of BBQ wafting through the yard as you watch your little one(s) catch fireflies in the evening light, the scent of the fresh flowers in bloom, the softness of the cool grass between your toes, the freshly hatched baby birds chirping for their mothers, and the realization that summer is just around the corner. 

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